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Pest and Disease Guide

Powdery Mildew
Powdery mildew is a prevalent fungal disease which forms a white powdery cover on the apple tree. It flourishes in humid mild conditions (with no r...
European Red Mite
These mites are reddy-brown, with white spots and are about 0.5 mm long. Each egg looks like an onion, with a white stalk at the top as long as the...
Apple Leafhopper
The apple leafhopper (Canary Fly) looks like a tiny cicada (3-4 mm long); greenish-yellow in colour with red eyes. During autumn, female leafhopper...
Codling Moth
An adult Codling moth is a brown moth that has a wingspan of about 20 mm, the wing tips have a circular area. Eggs are laid on leaves or small frui...
Woolly Aphid
Woolly aphids are  small soft bodied insects, reddish to brown in colour, up to 2 mm long and covered in masses of white wool-like material. They a...
Fruit Fly
Exotic fruit flies like the Queensland and Mediterranean fruit fly are among the most serious pests of fruit tree gardeners in warmer regions every...
Apple Looper Caterpillars
Looper Caterpillars, which are from the moth family, attack all fruit trees. They grow to about 35mm long, and have a distinct looping action when ...
Apple Scab
Apple scab or black spot is a fungus that infects leaves, shoots, buds, blossoms and fruit. It is more prevalent in regions with high rainfall and ...

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