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  • Bare Root Plants
  • Bare Root Plants: the plant is shipped with the roots taken out of the pot. The roots are then wrapped in moist paper, with or without soil. The roots wrapped in moist medium is then covered with some kind of plastic to hold the moisture. The paper with moisture will keep the plant alive, during the journey. The plants once received,  the roots should be given a soak for 30 minutes and planted immediately.

    Supplied as an established tree, 55-60 cm (2 ft) tall in a 2L pouch, ready to plant out.


    At NOG VALLY FARM we handle, package and ship the products you order with the utmost care. We ship your plants using BLUE DART® the following business day after you have completed checkout.We are now offering $0 flat rate shipping for all orders! SPRING SHIPPING: To mitigate the stress on our plants during transit, we will only be shipping Monday thru Wednesday. If you place an order on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday your order will ship the following Monday. Please take into consideration your transit times before placing an order, using BLUEDART delivery If you have any questions concerning transit time for your order, please feel free to contact us at info@nogvallyfarm.in or 98888-61007.


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    Are your trees organic?
    The short answer is no we are not organic certified. The long answer is organic certification is generally, if not always, applied to fruit production rather than tree production. After trees have been in their final location for up to one season, the minimum required for crop production, the impact of any prior chemical treatment would have disappeared.
    What is my soil type?
    Knowing the kind of soil you have helps you determine its strengths and weaknesses. While soil is composed of many elements, the place to begin is with your soil type. You just have to observe the composition of the soil’s particles. Use the descriptions below to help determine the soil matter your are working with, and this can help you better understand what you can do to improve your plants home. After all, good soil is one of the best ways you can have to help your plant thrive, and live a long and fruitful life. Clay Based Soils - Does your soil refuse to absorb water? Does the soil stick to your trowel and other gardening tools? Then you are probably working with a clay based soil. This type of soil is composed of very small particles, which doesn't allow for much room for water and air to penetrate down to the roots of you plant. Clay soil takes many many years to develop. Sand Based Soils - Is your soil very easy to dig and maneuver? Does water easily absorb into your soil? If so you are more than likely working with a sand based soil. Overly - sandy soil is not very fertile and can leave your plants without the proper water and nutrition. Loamy Soils - Is a good combination of the above soils. Its sandy enough to be easy to dig into, but yet has enough clay organic material and nutrients to anchor and feed the root system which allows the proper nutrients to be absorbed within the plant. This is the ideal soil for planting most varieties.
    Do you treat your trees with pesticides & fertilizers?
    We try to limit the amount of chemicals and pesticides used at our nursery whenever possible. To meet customer expectations on product quality, some intervention chemically is necessary.
    Can all varieties be shipped all year?
    Nog Vally Farm trees can be shipped and planted any time of year, unless the variety is specified as only seasonal delivery. Packages are typically shipped within 1-3 days from the time of your order, based on time of year. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and an email once the order ships that will contain the tracking information. On some occasions, severe weather and other unusual issues can delay shipping and delivery of your package(s). Delivery time cannot be guaranteed, if an order needs to arrive prior to a specific date, or at a more convenient time for you, please notate that upon placement of your order.


    Shipping carriers
    We currently use BLUE DART, DELHIVERY, and AMAZON ATS the INDIAN Postal Service.
    Shipping times and cost
    Orders are typically shipped within 1-3 business days from the time of your order. You will receive an email with tracking information upon shipment of your NOG VALLY FARM purchase. Delivery time cannot be guaranteed. If a package needs to arrive prior to a specific date, or at a more convenient time for you, please notate that upon placement of your order. Every order will contain a $0 flat-rate shipping fee.


    What should I do if order hasn't been delivered?
    We are so sorry you are experiencing this hiccup with your order! If you have been tracking your order and the scheduled delivery date has past, or if your order is missing items, please contact our office at your earliest convenience so that we may resolve these issues.
    What if tree was damaged in transit?
    This breaks our hearts as much as yours....poor little trees. If your order is damaged during transit, we need to be contacted within 48 hours of you receiving the damaged package. In order to make a claim, we will need picture documentation. We ask that you take at least 2 pictures of the damaged box on the outside and at least 2 pictures of the damaged plant on the inside. Please send the pictures to info@nogvallyfarm.in. Once we receive the pictures we can make an assessment of the damage. We will do our best to correct the issue quickly. Broken branches are cosmetic and should be pruned
    How do I plant my tree?
    Please see our How to Plant a Tree Guide to help you plant your new tree! https://www.nogvallyfarm.in/pages/apple-growing-guide
    I followed the instructions and tree is turning brown?
    Is it fall/winter? Your tree is going into its sleep cycle, called dormancy, and the browning and shedding leaves is completely normal. Is it spring/summer? If you have been diligent in watering your new plant, then transplant shock is the most common culprit for your tree turning brown. Although you did everything you could to give your tree the best start, it may still not appreciate its new surroundings (even if a sister plant is thriving). Transplant shock can be caused by a change in environment (e.g. temperature shifts, change in sunlight, change of containers/container to ground, etc.) or disturbance to the roots. Please contact our customer service to assist you in remedying the transplant shock.
    How much water should I give my plant?
    This will vary depending on your soil type, the location of your tree, the type of tree you have, and the time of year. Educating yourself on these variables will lend to developing the right watering schedule for your new tree.

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